Shane Walters

When I first started this article about the meaning behind the Ithicus fish, it started out as a history of the origin detailing where the symbol came from. The more I studied the history and the different versions of its origin, even the mathmatical perfections of the arcs, the more confused I became. It wasn't until months later that I finally understood that the historical significance was not of great importance and there was not much that I could add that had not already been documented and explained elsewhere. The significance is to whom the symbol represents, Jesus Christ.

The greatest importance of this little symbol is Jesus Christ. While displaying the Ithicus symbol on the back of your car, as an ornament on a necklace, or even on a website may be a great way of announcing your faith to all who may see, how we live our lives in faith of Jesus Christ says so much more. It should be a constant reminder of our obedience and submission to our Lord. It is only through Him, through His mercy and grace, that we receive salvation. Only through His sacrifice that I may be found worthy enough to enter into His presence.

Just as I first started trying to write this article, it is when we take our focus off Jesus that we become confused, and lose sight of our purpose and utimately fail. Not until focus is placed back on the One to whom all glory should be given, do we begin to find our way again.

That One being Jesus Christ.